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Mastering is the art of equalizing, balancing and enhancing recorded music to attain the most pleasing listening experience possible.

USmastering.com offers high-end Analog audio mastering and digital editing services for independent record labels, producers, musicians, bands and alike. We specialize in 2-track analog and digital audio mastering.

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US Mastering Mastered For iTunes
US Mastering is part of Apple's "Mastered For iTunes" providers list. Mastered for iTunes is a combination of technology and best practices designed to create the best possible digital audio downloads for our customers by starting with the best possible quality masters. Apple's latest encoders are now able to accept high resolution digital audio files to produce truly stunning results. In addition, we now have the ability to use the exact encoding tools used by the iTunes store to audition our client's work specifically in the format in which it will be listened to. The resulting high resolution masters are then delivered to Apple for final encoding and distribution to millions of consumers all around the world.

What do I need to do for a master to be considered "Mastered for iTunes"?

- The mastering house or engineer must be on the MFiT Providers List.
- The source for the master must start in high resolution. (=44.1 kHz/24 bit)
- The masters must be auditioned using Apple's encoders. (This is largely about setting an appropriate level for the encoder.)
- The delivered master must also be high resolution. (=44.1 kHz/24 bit)
- The label or aggregator must provide the mastering information to iTunes.

USmastering.com does not offer Mixing directly. Although, we have a network of top engineers with a lot of experience mixing rock, Pop, Punk Rock, Alternative, Salsa, Latin, Reggaeton, Metal, Hip Hop, Grunge, etc. Contact us to have your song mixed by a professional mixing engineer.
@ info@usmastering.com

Customer Satisfaction

We entrusted our recordings to US Mastering. We ordered mastering for CD and Vinyl and were very glad about it. The results are beyond any doubt and the whole transaction was flawless. No one (including us) was capable to match our time schedule, except Ludwing from US Mastering. This studio works really fast and offers outstanding results to economical rates.“

PEER Band Berlin , Germany.

“…..me interesaba encontrar la persona ideal para trabajar con el disco tambien necesitaba un masterizador que pudiera hacer un trabajo que igualmente me sorprendiera...y te digo que lo hiciste...cuando yo y mi Productor escuchamos la masterizacion estabamos super contentos y satisfechos con el peso que recibio, el grosor y pump es lo que estabamos buscando...anteriormente nos habian masterizado una cancion una persona muy buena y reconocido y no nos gusto..asi que excelente trabajo, muy satisfecho como cliente . “

Joel Contreras - Christian Artist San Juan, Puerto Rico

It has been an absolute pleasure working with US Mastering Studio, they have made my choice for mastering tracks, so easy as I would not need to look anywhere else to avail these services. They have enhanced but also ensured to retain the integrity of my mix. Great service backed with great quality. Thank you so much Ludwing .

Santhos Nataraja, Suguna Studios Bangalore, India.

"I just had Mastered "Generacion Sedienta" from Grupo Barak and for me the experience working with US Mastering has been extraordinary, excellent delivery time and impressive quality. And above all, they have respected the integrity of my mixes, has not changed the concept neither the sound , at the contrary has embellished my work and has added Excellency"

Angelo Frilop - Award Winning Music Producer Dominican Republic.

"...mastered by none other than Ludwing Diaz of USMASTERING!! Easily the best decision we've made..he made the song sound so BIG and beautiful!!..."

Bulletproof Inc. Band Bangalore, India

"Bendiciones, Ludwing Diaz queremos agradecerte por todo el trabajo realizado en mi nueva produccion discográfica (Fiel) nos sentimos sumamente agradecidos por tu esfuerzo y dedicación al momento de la masterizacion de la música mil gracias."

Sheila Romero - Award winning Artist San Juan, Puerto Rico.

" For Tr3s de Corazon working with Ludwing in US Mixing and Mastering has been the best decision we could have made to happily complete our musical projects. We worked in the Mixing of one of our 5 Albums and in the Special Edition 10 years DVD (note: This DVD is currently nominated to a prestigious award) Not only is a serious, professional and perfect with delivery times, including the great infrastructure for the Mixing and Mastering processes, we also found a very committed music studio. Tr3s de Corazon recommends US Mixing and Mastering studios, it as a very gratifying experience working with them "

Tr3s de Corazon - Award winning Artist Medellin, Colombia.

“Having our mastering done at USMastering was one of the best decisions we made when producing the album ‘Mr. War-In-Ton’. It was a great pleasure working with Ludwing Diaz and we never once felt like we were just another client. Ludwing truly worked with us to take this project up another level. He was able to get the fullness and cohesiveness, while maintaining the integrity of the mixes. This is truly the big label sound without the big label price. It was a good experience and I am really looking forward to the next opportunity of having USMastering master for me again.”

Andrew Thornhill. Recording/Mix engineer-NaYan. Bridgetown, Barbados

"We are very happy with the results we get out of our selfmade-recordings trough your expertise in mastering. The album sounds warm, powerful and homogeneous in our ears. We are pleased with our decision for usmastering and we definitely would respectively will do it again. The communication, cooperation and the results are exciting particularly for the rates. Thanks a lot for the good and dedicated work."

Thomas Heinrich - Ersatzband & Band, Berlin, Germany.

"Working with ludwing and US mastering studio was a bliss. with an in-depth knowledge of all the tools of the trade, they were able to take our basic recording and transform it into a product we can use to market our band. Thanks and we are looking forward to working with you in the future."

Mask of jealousy, Luxembourg,Luxembourg.

"Working with US Mastering was nothing short of a positive experience. Ludwing did a great job of taking some decent recording that I had done and turned it into something that I am really quite proud of. Not only would I recommend him, but I will be using him for album #2."

Kevin Schroeder Artist, Dallas, TX"

"Personalized service, each track is professionally treated with a lot of dedication. The quality is excellent and about rates, we can't even mention it! simply unmatched, satisfaction guaranteed!"

David Montoya, Artist, Lead Singer Miss MoneyPenny, Empty. Zurich, Switzerland"

"Our experience working with US Mastering has been excellent from all points of view, the result was very successful with high quality and exceeded oir expectations. The communication was very comfortable, their work based in external references was very valuable and in general all the process was a great learning experience for the Band. We feel like we got a top level job for a very low price. Thank you US Mastering"

La Doble A - Rock Band Medellin, Colombia"

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