It could not be any simpler:

Just follow the directions below and we will mixing or mastering your awesome music in no time.


US Mastering


Mail or upload your Mixes

After contacting us, we will send you a secured web link so that you can upload your songs to our Filesanywhere account. You could also burn them to a CD or dvd-r and mail them to us via standard mail, USPS, FEDEX or UPS.

We request that your mixes be in the .wav or .aiff format - at the resolution your recorded it (don't dither or sample rate convert). We can also accept regular cd's, dvd's, and dat's. Make sure you leave some headroom to work with - at least 3dB max peak below zero. Let the mastering process take care of final volume and loudness.

Once we have your mixes we will start the mastering process. This starts by applying final equalization to your project to help balance frequencies and enhance the over all sound. We do this by listening first. Then with experienced ears and professional software and equipment, we shape the frequencies that bring your project to life.

Next, through creative compression and limiting we bring your project up to "radio" CD standards. In this stage of the mastering process we normalize and balance volume levels by applying compression and limiting to create a consistent and dynamic flow from beginning to end (amounts used are determined by the program material and ultimately what sounds good to the ear)

For the final stage of the mastering process, after all songs have been mastered, we then edit and sequence each song to your chosen song order.


Studio Equipment

US has an acoustically engineered and treated Mastering Room.


DAWs and Recorder:
Pro Tools 10 HD Native
MAC Pro and Windows DAWs
Logic Pro X
Wavelab 10
Revox B77 Reel-to-Reel tape recorder

Controllers and Digital Mixers:
Dangerous Liaison Mastering Router
Antelope Satori

Converters and AD/DA Interfaces:
Prism AD-124
Lavry Blue AD/DA
Universal Audio Apollo X6 AD/DA
Mytek 192 AD
RME 9632

Genelec 8351a SAM
Genelec 1030A
Yamaha NS10
Sennheiser hd 650, Beyerdynamic and Sony Headphones

Pendulum Audio OCL-2
SSL G Series Stereo Buss Compressor
Dangerous Compressor
Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor
Manley SLAM
Manley ELOP
Rupert Neve Designs PORTICO II Master Buss Processor
1176 Rev D UREI and SSL Clones

Sontec MEP-250C Parametric Eq
Sontec MEP-250EX Parametric Eq
Diazinator (T Filter Design) Custom Stereo Mastering EQ
Chandler Curve Bender Mastering EQ
Weiss EQ MK2 (Digital)
Summing Box:
Manley 16x2 summing mixer

Universal Audio: Brainworx Digital v3, 1176LN classi collection, Manley Massive Passive, LA2A, Plate 140, Fairchild 670, among others.
Waves: R series. Several bundles
Avid: Producer Factory Pro bundle (with JOEMEEK SC2 Photo Optical Compressor, JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer, Purple Audio MC77, SoundReplacer, Cosmonaut Voice), Sonnox Oxford Bundle



We require a 50% deposit of the full quoted amount so we can start working. Once the job is done and you are happy, you can send the balance and we will send you the Master files at CD Resolution (WAV 44.1KHz 16Bits) and MP3, we can also send other formats if available. Payment can be sent online with a debit or credit card as we use Paypal to process payments (click below on the Paypal Logo). We can also accept check and money wire transfer from International Countries where Paypal is not available.