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Mastering is the art of equalizing, balancing and enhancing recorded music to attain the most pleasing listening experience possible.

USmastering.com offers high-end Analog audio mastering and digital editing services for independent record labels, producers, musicians, bands and alike. We specialize in 2-track analog and digital audio mastering.

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US Mastering Apple Digital Masters (former Mastered For iTunes)
US Mastering is part of Apple Digital Masters providers list. Apple Masters is a combination of technology and best practices designed to create the best possible digital audio downloads for our customers by starting with the best possible quality masters. Apple's latest encoders are now able to accept high resolution digital audio files to produce truly stunning results. In addition, we now have the ability to use the exact encoding tools used by the iTunes store to audition our client's work specifically in the format in which it will be listened to. The resulting high resolution masters are then delivered to Apple for final encoding and distribution to millions of consumers all around the world.

What do I need to do for a master to be considered "Apple Digital Master"?

- The mastering house or engineer must be on the Apple Digital Masters Providers List.
- The source for the master must start in high resolution. (44.1,48,96 kHz/24 bit)
- The masters must be auditioned using Apple's encoders. (This is largely about setting an appropriate level for the encoder.)
- The delivered master must also be high resolution. (44.1,48,96 kHz/24 bit)
- The label or aggregator must provide the mastering information to iTunes.

USmastering.com does not offer Mixing directly. Although, we have a network of top engineers with a lot of experience mixing rock, Pop, Punk Rock, Alternative, Salsa, Latin, Reggaeton, Metal, Hip Hop, Grunge, etc. Contact us to have your song mixed by a professional mixing engineer.
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